Are we getting the right advice?
Are we getting the right advice?
Infinite banking is a great tool to use as part of your investment portfolio. 

I was particularly interested in financing equipment for my business, and having the security of guaranteed life insurance.

Darryn S, -- Edmonton
Before we met Will we were just investing our money with banks and making no return at all on our  
money. Now our money is working for us. Will takes care of our interests and keeps us informed.

Will has made multiple trips to our house to meet and go over things old and new with us, where as our  
other investment company we hardly heard from.

Will takes a great interest in the welfare of his clients!

He has done a great job for us and we have done well with him.

Tim & Jayne
Thank you for such a speedy response Will!!

We are so excited to soon move back to Alberta! We are here to save for a 25% down payment and in  
AB prices we decided it best to save while living here :)

We have had so many people ask to do our finances here in Ontario but we are so incredibly happy  
with the service and genuine CARE you have had for us, we will never leave! I can't wait to get our TFSA  
going! We'll chat soon! Thank you for the info!

So thank you Will! Cheers!

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