2% MERs Can Cost You 34%

Consider this: Let's say 30 years ago you faithfully invested $10,000 every year into the TSX up until the end of 2016. The actual yield ends up being 7.63% per year.

You accumulated $1,139,435!

But not so fast. Let’s add that pesky management fee (MER) of 2% (a conservative mutual fund fee). Now you end up with $750,232 - a loss of $389,203!
Now you end up with $750,232 - a loss of $389,203!

The MER is only 2%, yet it ends up with a 34% reduction in your investment.

How do you stop the bleeding?

This is only one example. We want to help……

It's time to start recapturing money you may be currently losing unknowingly through FEES of all kinds, taxes, non-deductible debt, and interest payments.

Many people think investing more money and getting higher returns on investments is their answer to more wealth, when it's the equivalent of trying to fill a bucket with holes by pouring more in.

Is that the answer?

Many advisers would tell you it is.

But it doesn’t work best that way.

What you’re looking for can be accomplished with no additional cost to you and without having to decrease your lifestyle.

In fact, when you plug the holes to your financial bucket the dollars you were losing are freed up and put towards increasing your lifestyle and your retirement.

Now consider this: A family is earning $100,000 a year and are able to save $5000. If they try to increase their returns by 3% by taking on higher investment risk (not recommended), that would be equal and additional $150 earned per year.

However, if they could reduce their expenses by 3% at no additional cost to them, they could potentially save an additional $2850 per year! They have just increased their returns by a whopping 57% without increasing their risk!

Are you chasing returns instead of plugging the holes?
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